Julian Bakery and Heath Squier The “Bernie Madoff” of the Low Carb Internet Scam Artists

Julian BakeryLike all true diabetics I went onto the internet trying to find a “recipe” for low carb bread.  Anywhere and everywhere I went ads popped up for Julian Bakery and the absolute natural thing to do was, at some point, click on one.  My first thoughts were to look at the ingredients to see if I could re-create a bread of my own.  Pretty much my working life had been dealing with food in one way or another.  The ingredients, which may have looked Greek to many, looked very high carby to me.  Their Smart Carb #1 original ingredients listed as:   Fresh Ground Whole Grain Wheat, Sprouts of Kamut, Spelt, Rye, Lentils, Sesame Seeds, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth, Ground Flaxseed, Wheat Bran, Oat Bran, Eggs, Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate (90%), Chicory Root (Inulin Fiber), Wheat Gluten, Yeast & Sea Salt.  Other breads listed Teff, Brown Rice Flour, (and many more) all extremely high in carbohydrates.

The first thing I did was visit the Bob’s Red Mill website and make a chart of the carb content in 1/4 cup of each ingredient. Please See Here  (How lucky am I that I live in Portland, OR the home of Bob’s.  I have been there and what a spectacular place).  I then took an educated guess as to the amount of each ingredient that might be in the breads’ compositions and came to a far different conclusion as to the stated carb counts on the nutritional labels.

For additional reading to see the numerous ways the Julian Bakery has been lying to you:

Here is a YouTube Video of my own Moldy Paleo Bars.

Late Breaking News. A giant of the shipping industry has had to sue Julian Bakery for $241,274.27 Court Docs here FedEx vs Julian Bakery

The FDA has stepped in…again.  This time with a warning letter http://1.usa.gov/1t2SH7N regarding…you guessed it…more falsely labeled breads. They have four Paleo breads and two Carb Zero breads that are now under suspect according to the FDA. So, let’s hope the Julian Bakery Paleo Breads are all but toast.

Julian Bakery ScamI suspect the ingredients in their “Paleo Coconut” and “Paleo Almond” breads, but at this time the technology does not exist to test for a particular ingredient that is being used.  The reason for this suspicion:  Coconut flour has a very pungent, sweet, and distinctive taste and smell and neither of these products have the slightest odor or taste of coconut.  Any of you who have used coconut flour know this.  It takes very little flour to get that sweet coconutty smell.  If you dare, try it for yourself and see if you get any hint of the taste or smell of coconut.

JB BreadI stewed about all of this for several weeks with my own suspicions when I came across a website where Jeff Roaderick, a friend of the site author Shelley Schlender, did a blood glucose test on himself with Julian Bakery’s most famous product-Smart Carb #1 bread.  Please spend the 3 minutes to see what happened to him.  This is what happens to an insulin dependent diabetic when the carb count is falsely listed.  This is such an interesting story. Jeff Roaderick vs Julian Bakery’s SmartCarb #1 Bread  There is also a terrific dialog between Shelley and Heath Squier, the owner of Julian Bakery and I highly urge you to read it.

LghtbulbA light-bulb moment:  I had found something I could do; test my own blood glucose levels with this same bread.  I hiked over to my local Whole Foods Market, purchased a loaf, and on May 19th, 2012 I tested 2 slices of the Smart Carb #1 bread with its supposed 1g net carb.  As I said on the home page my blood sugar went from a fasting 106 to a high of 249.  Yikes!  I got so angry I was nearly beside myself.  As you look at the graph notice an 11:15 reading just before lunch.  I had crashed at 76.  At the time, being an uninformed fool, I thought oh good at least it came down nicely-but now I know this is not a good thing-blood sugar way up then way down-crashing-definitely not good.

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.


May 19, 2012 Purchased From Whole Foods Market

Julian Bakery Scam

Julian Bakery was poisoning diabetics one slice of bread at a time, day by day, week by week and year by year.

There had been much suspicion and many blogs regarding the “net” carb contents in the Julian Bakery breads.  I took the bull (bread) by the horns and had it tested by Exova Laboratories which happens to have a lab located right here in Portland, OR.  The results surprised even me.  Each 42g slice contained 14g net carbs and since I tested 2 slices at a supposed 2g net carbs I truly felt I had been poisoned.  Not poisoned as in arsenic which does the trick rather more quickly but poisoned never-the-less.  Any diabetic eating these breads was being poisoned one day and one slice at a time. The result of my testing and FDA complaints; these original 21 breads are no longer available. YEA!  21 Now Defunct Julian Bakery Breads

Every reviewer on their website was raving and gushing about their breads but many independent reviewers didn’t match.  What was the deal?  I then began reading real reviews on Yelp La Jolla and Yelp Oceanside Yep that’s right, Julian Bakery is so disliked they have two Yelp sites and  as soon as they moved their operations from La Jolla to Oceanside Yelp followed them.  There are literally 100’s and 100’s of negative reviews.  As stated by many people around the web this company immediately deletes any negative comment made on their own website or Facebook page.  Julian Bakery has never sold nor allowed any of their vendors to sell any of their breads through Amazon because…they could not control any negative comments.

Julian Bakery Scam

Moldy Paleo Bread

This is a picture of moldy Paleo Coconut bread uploaded with a review written on Yelp by Andi G. 09/09/2013.   How lovely. How appetizing.  Andi lives in Benicia, CA so he is not very far from Julian Bakery.  I ask:  How could his bread have arrived moldy if it is baked and shipped fresh daily?   Click on picture for larger view.


How is this place still in business? Wish I’d read the Yelp reviews before I ordered two loaves of bread. They arrived in around a week. There is no way the loaves were fresh. They smelled funky, like an old unwashed dishrag. Silly me, I tasted a little of the coconut bread. No flavor whatsoever. That night, I was up with stomach cramps that lasted into the next afternoon. Now I know what happens when you eat something that’s gone moldy. It wasn’t until the next day that actual green mold sprouted on the loaves (see my uploaded photo). The bread had been immediately refrigerated upon opening the shipment.

Maybe the psyllium also got to me. Another reviewer mentioned something about Metamucil. Seriously, who uses this as a filler?
Does the local board of health monitor this place?  I wrote to the company to alert them of the situaiton and request a refund. It’s been over 72 hours and there’s still no reply. No surprise, based on what others have reported. I’ve alerted PayPal because I have a shred of hope and will also write to the BBB.

And this is from LS in Houston, TX on 10/13/2013

HORRIBLE customer service.  I ordered online and received sour, moldy bread that they refuse to give me a refund for.  They charge outrageous shipping costs, even for spoiled food.  I wish I would have read these reviews before giving them my business and letting them steal my money.
Shame on you.

Julian Bakery Scam

Moldy Bread

Julian Bakery Scam

More Moldy Bread

Julian Bakery Scam






And yet more moldy bread uploaded by Palak Q in Lombard, IL on 11/15/2013

Where do I start? Both the bread had mold on ALL the slices! I opened the package the same day it arrived, so it’s not that it was sitting in my refrigerator or anything. I almost puked when I saw mold in the bread I had a few bits of. See pictures I posted.

Conclusion: DO NOT BUY!

Julian Bakery Scam


Julian Bakery Scam


 Julian Bakery Scam





Now, if this many people have posted pictures of moldy Paleo Bread on Yelp how many people do you think have actually ordered and received  moldy Paleo Bread?

Moldy Chocolate Mint Paleo BarMoldy Paleo Protein Bar 1Speaking of moldy Paleo products these are the Julian Bakery’s newest #epicfail.  Moldy Paleo Protein Bars.  One from Amazon and one from Yelp. Click on either picture to get that up close and personal. BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE Julian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars

The quote below is during the Heath Squier Panic of 2012 in answer to questions about why Julian Bakery had changed their Smart Carb breads.

Julian Bakery Scam

Heath Squier

“Our diabetic customers were experiencing sugar spikes after eating the breads; we had to change it due to liability issues; thus, the Original will not be offered; a comparable bread is the Amazing Sourdough. It is low carb, low in calories, and the texture is extremely similar to that of the Original #1 with just a hint of a sourdough taste.”  Notice, now he was telling people a comparable bread was the Amazing Sourdough.  What an utter crock.  I also had this bread lab tested and it was nearly as bad.  Please see Other Personally Glucose Tested Products 


I had a total of five Julian Bakery breads tested and all failed miserably.  Please see Five Julian Bakery Breads vs Lab Results Compared Side By Side The consequences:  As I said, of the original 21 breads produced, none are currently being sold.  They have developed six new products and God help the people who are eating them.  I guess my question might be:  My Paleo WrapsWhy would anyone want to support Julian Bakery by buying anything from them when they have literally made millions and millions of dollars off the backs of diabetics and the low carb community, let alone pay 10.00-12.00 for a tiny 6 inch (yes I measured it) loaf of bread?

MillionsThey had developed a total of 21 breads deleting some, changing names, and adding new ones.  They did not make one low carb product but boy oh boy they sure knew how to make millions of dollars hawking on the internet.


Whole Foods1Regarding Whole Foods Market:  It took five letters, five bread tests, and about nine months but I finally (at least) got this company’s products out of their Pacific Northwest regional stores where I live.  As of this writing they have not been taken out of any other regions.  Shame on you Whole Foods Market

UPDATE:  Julian Bakery breads are again back in my region of Whole Foods.  I wrote a sixth letter yesterday September, 24th, 2013 to Pete Bourgeault and Venus Lewis and all six letters may be read here.  6 Letters To Whole Foods  They are in order as written.  John Mackey the head honcho at Whole Foods wrote a book not long ago entitled Conscious Capitalism.  Conscious Capitalism?…Are you kidding?…I don’t think so.

Julian Bakery has gone back to using some original very high carb ingredients in their 2 best selling breads including:  Kamut, Spelt, Rye, Lentils, Millet, Quinoa, & Amaranth.  I suspect the carb counts may again be incorrect.  Check daily as the ingredients change often.  Several weeks ago I copied and pasted: Teff, Millet, Amaranth, Kamut, Quinoa, Spelt, and Brown Rice Flour. If the ingredients are always changing why would you trust their “Verified Lab Results”?

Now, I totally understand that there are people, who for health reasons of their own, want to eat low carb breads but there are other companies which I will explain to you on another page that serve the same purpose and these companies have not bilked, cheated, and made millions from the diabetic and low carb communities.

Another deceptive practice used by Julian Bakery:  On their website they use reviews submitted years ago when their products were riding high…and high carb, to sell today’s skunky products.

If you want to read real reviews go to Yelp.   This is one of the best and funniest videos I have ever watched.  I had streaming tears when I was finished with it.  Title: Julian Bakery Sponge Or Bread  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdDfF4hXfj4  As of the date of this writing there are over 429,000 hits to this video and actually many more as other people have posted this same video elsewhere on the internet.  Yeah!

My bottom line:  Though of course I can laugh with the best of them, this has been, and is, very serious business for me.  The effects of Diabetes are accumulative and that is anything but funny.

Julian Bakery lied through their teeth for years about the carb content in their breads but I can say this with absolute certainty, their internet marketing is very, very, good and…bad on themComplaints Filed With The BBB-Rating D+Update October 12th, 2013: Julian Bakery has now been downgraded to an F by the BBB.  Notice these complaints were made in a very compacted period of time and that Heath is saying due to their increase in business…blah, blah, blah.  This had absolutely nothing to do with his increase in business and everything to do with the fact that the FDA had come after him.  He was trying to get his new Paleo Breads out, he had to stop production of his falsely labeled breads, and he had to come up with new formulas for his bad breads all while continually trying to process orders.  In other words-Heath Squier was in full blow panic mode.

I also want to add here that the FDA did its job.  I do not know if I had not had their help, that I could have accomplished what I did.  So, though I would not take my hat off very often to any government agency, in this case, my hat goes off to the FDA.

Julian Bakery Scam

 Heath Squier and his company Julian Bakery have now begun selling their “Paleo Wraps” using a manufacturing company in the Philippines. However, there is a patent pending on these coconut wraps.  Improv’eat has been making and offering them under the brand name “The Pure Wraps” for several years. Along comes Julian Bakery who has been forced to cease producing their signature bread products, and is now going to cut Improv’eat and their “Pure Wraps” off at the knees by violating a patent.  Heath and Todd Fitts, owner of Improv’eat and home of “The Pure Wraps” spoke on December 3rd, 2012.  Heath apparently seemed rather panicky and wanted Todd’s company to make and private label a duplicate of “The Pure Wraps” for Julian Bakery telling Todd they would buy by the pallet load and wanted pricing. Todd politely told him that they did not private label at this time but he could check back next year and that there is a pending patent for these coconut wraps. Heath continued to express interest in buying wholesale from Improv’eat knowing they would not have Julian Bakery’s brand name on them.

Pure Wraps

 Just posted Thursday June 27th by Todd Fitts on Pure Wraps Facebook page:  “Received a letter from another company claiming they and the USDA have a patent that covers The Pure Wraps coconut wraps.  Interestingly, we have a pending patent on making coconut wraps and have found another company has violated our patent”.

 June 26th, 2013 Todd Fitts and Heath Squier spoke, with Todd  reminding Heath once again of the pending patent for coconut wraps, the first being the above December 3rd, 2012.  Heath told Todd that Julian Bakery could have them made in the US instead. Heath also asked for a licensing agreement from Todd and then had the audacity to ask Todd to buy his wraps from Julian Bakery.  What??? Why on earth would Todd Fitts buy from Heath Squier and Julian Bakery when Todd owns the patent?  A very good question indeed. Todd said he would get back with Heath soon and that Improv’eat would need to protect their employees, those in the Philippines involved in making “The Pure Wraps” and Improv’eat itself. If needed, he would seek legal remedies under the patent laws.

Now forward less than a week to July 1st, 2013 and Todd gets confirmation that Julian Bakery is contacting stores who have been carrying “The Pure Wraps”.  Julian Bakery, in an email to a store who has been selling “The Pure Wraps” said, “You might as well order them from us as the other company is looking to buy them from us”. This store forwarded the Julian Bakery email to Todd asking:  “Todd, Is that the case?  If not I want to call these people on their misinformation”.  Now I ask you, why would a company (Improv’eat) having rights to a patented item, buy from Julian Bakery who does not have a production license from Improv’eat to make anything?

 BriberyTake a look below at what a difference a little over two and a half months make.  How do you go from the first picture and get to the fifth picture in two and a half months, producing what is probably hundreds of thousands of Paleo Wraps and dealing with the people and rampant bribery and Julian Bakery Scamcorruption in the Philippines?  Heath uploaded a video on April 30th with his “new” Paleo Wraps and the three  stated ingredients are the same three ingredients as “The Pure Wraps” including the Himalayan Salt which Heath subsequently does not now tout.  Now Heath says his Paleo Wraps only have two ingredients.  Does Heath think somehow that by dropping the Himalayan Salt that he is no longer violating Todd’s patent?  What are the odds that the wraps are the same size at 7 ¼ x7 ¼ inches?  The only difference I can see is that Heath packages 7 Paleo Wraps for $9.00 (1.29 ea.) and Pure Wraps packages 4 at 4.29 (1.07 ea.)  What are the odds that the Paleo Wraps are the same weight (14g) as “The Pure Wraps”?  Are Heath’s early coconut Paleo Wrap pictures his own or are they actually pictures of Improv’eats “The Pure Wraps?  Sure makes one wonder.

 January 7 2013February 2 2013February 5 2013April 30 2013




Julian Bakery Scam

aka Heath Squier

Julian Bakery went from using cauliflower in their round, dark, and ugly Paleo Wraps in January and February to the final good looking Paleo Wrap at the end of April.  His first “Verified Lab Results” were submitted to Medallion Labs on April 29th, 2013.  Then the lying weasel took out the Himalayan Salt and had another test done on September 29th, 2013 so his wraps wouldn’t be “exactly” like the Improv’eat wrap. (Click Here)

Heath Squier and the Julian Bakery have been in business raping the low carb and diabetic communities since 1990 and the first three videos indicate this is the best product they could come up with?… on their own until…they found Todd’s company Improv’eat, and were denied private labeling?  What did Heath Squier do?  Why, he supposedly hiked on over to the Philippines and had his own coconut wraps made.  Who cares if Todd has a pending patent?  Nothing has ever stopped Heath from bilking anyone before-why would he have any qualms about bilking Todd Fitts and Improv’eat?  Well, it appears he doesn’t have any qualms.  Can you see now why I call him Bernie Madoff?   It seems once a crook always a crook.

Given the long shelf life of “The Pure Wraps” Improv’eat did not want anything leaching into their wraps so they made their packaging biodegradable non-GMO cellulose. In English: there are no plastics with phthalates or dioxins (these are baddies) that could potentially contaminate the wraps.  Is it possible Heath copied this too or did he just not know about it?  Perhaps when Heath reads this he will copy their packaging too.

Julian Bakery has uploaded literally hundreds if not thousands of videos over the years, let alone saturated the internet with its false advertising.

The Paleo Wraps began selling nationwide near the 1st of July with the Paleo Cereal to follow shortly.  Heath boasts over 200,000 customers & brags about being in 30,000 stores.

Heath Squier Julian Bakery ScamBernie Madoff Julian Bakery ScamHeath Squier or Bernie Madoff  Take your pick-I see no difference.





Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Waging WarSmoke & Mirrors







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  • Deborah,

    I wanted to correct the inaccuracies on your site about me and the Julian Bakery.

    1. You are absolutely right we did have a Smart Carb Bread that was inaccurate because
    of software testing. My parents used software calculations to create the original Smart
    Carb bread back in 2008. Thankfully you and Jimmy Moore brought the problems
    with our old Smart Carb formula to me and I have corrected them.

    Author Gary Collins did an in depth interview and investigation on what happened.
    We want to thank you for giving us a format for testing all our products today. You
    helping us refine our products to be 100% nutritionally accurate. We proudly say
    lab verified on all our products. Here is the link to Gary Collins Interview outlining
    why we changed our product.

    2. Our products have been lab verified by the FDA, Medallion Labs (Owned BY General Mills, FDA Labeling Consultant, Whole Foods Market and many other regulatory agencies.

    3. All of our products are 100% Nutritionally Accurate.

    4. You know we no longer make the products that were nutritionally inaccurate.

    5. Your assertion the Paleo Bread may be wrong is simply misleading.

    6. The lab test and nutritional panel and information you posted on blood sugar
    is all old and out of date and is no longer relevant.

    7. Yes, we do have poor Yelp reviews but we have hundreds of thousands of customers
    and are going to have some unhappy ones who not only post on Yelp but do file with the

    8. We only make six breads and all are 100% nutritionally accurate.

    9. YouTube Videos showing our bread as a sponge is our 1st revision of the new Smart Carb Bread
    that obviously did not go well. We changed it again and got new lab testing in December 2012 and released the 2nd revision in Feb 2013. See Lab Test: http://www.julianbakery.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Smart-Carb-Labs.pdf

    10. Regarding our Wraps – Yes, you are correct we did have a few versions of wraps. We only sent our coconut wraps to test. You of course are more than welcome to test them to verify as obviously we
    have changed how we launch products as is outlined in this interview: http://www.garyshealthtips.com/julian-bakery-defends-its-smart-carb-bread-and-paleo-products-an-investigative-interview-with-gary-the-primal-guy/

    11. Your comparison of me to Bernie Madoff is simply misleading once again as is the notion that Nathan Curtis (Paleo Nate) is the same person as Dan Lombardi our Primal4life blogger. Dan runs http://www.Primal4Life.com and Nathan runs http://www.PaleoNate.com

    12. We don’t have any false advertising and backup our claims with Lab Verified products. We now put the lab test online for people to see.

    13. It has come to our attention that Improveat has attempted to undermine our ability to promote and sell the Paleo Wraps. We understand that Improveat is claiming that it has a patent application pending in the Philippines that allegedly covers the Paleo Wraps. Several weeks after the Paleo Wraps were introduced to the market, we were contacted by Improveat alleging that it had a patent application that prevents us from selling the Paleo Wraps, without explaining how the Paleo Wraps infringed on any intellectual property right. Surprised by this allegation, we immediately asked the company to produce information about the alleged patent application to confirm: 1) the existence of the alleged application; and 2) the claim(s) stated in the patent application. However, Improveat tried to explain that it would take one month to produce the information we requested. Before providing us any of the requested information, Improveat contacted us a second time, insisting that we sign a licensing agreement with said company, despite the fact that there was no documentation showing that Improveat had a patent issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office, or the alleged patent application. We had to reason with Improveat that we could not enter into any licensing agreement when no evidence of an issued patent could be produced.
    Prior to the launch of Paleo Wraps, our supplier conducted a search in the Philippines of any existing patents or patent applications that would cover the Paleo Wraps. Nothing from the extensive search gave us reason to believe that selling the Paleo Wraps would violate the intellectual property rights of third parties. More importantly, our supplier has filed a patent application to protect, among others, its proprietary process of producing the Paleo Wraps. Our supplier has a patent now pending before the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, and has initiated application for protection in various markets, including the USA.
    We take the allegations of Improveat very seriously, and respect the intellectual property rights of third parties. Nevertheless, we feel it is necessary to do business based on facts, and hence the need to clarify the present confusion.

    I will give credit where it is due and you did point out our old Smart Carb Bread formula was wrong. We corrected and created a new formula and want to thank you for giving us the proper format to create amazing, high quality products that are all lab verified and nutritionally accurate. I wanted to take the time and simply correct the misleading information on this page by actual fact as it only hurts the consumers, our business, our employees, and my family when inaccurate information is presented.

    Thank You,

    Heath Squier
    Julian Bakery, Inc.

    • Deborah Krueger

      I am in receipt of a generic letter sent from Heath Squier, to who knows how many stores, on Julian Bakery letterhead. This PDF letter is identical to what Heath has written above on this blog. Since I don’t have the foggiest idea how to put a PDF into my response I am inserting it below the Paleo Wraps picture at the end of this page. Please take a quick look-see.

      Heath Squier has deleted thousands and thousands of posts to his many websites and Facebook pages. He has decided to post here and under no circumstances would I delete it.

      Todd Fitts was contacted by the store and wrote this to me.


      1) I personally spoke with Heath December 2012 when he wanted to license our coconut wraps and he was told there is a pending patent so being surprised about a pending patent from us is deceptive at the very least.

      2) We will notify Julian Bakery’s manufacturer about our patent when published which is legally required for a cease and desist order. This is the most effective and safest method to follow and I told Heath that is how he will find out about our patent since we don’t need to legally inform Julian Bakery. Sending our patent to Heath would invite him to further harm our company by viewing the details of our patent. It is best we stop the manufacturing because without it marketing does not matter. Our patent attorney has advised us of the proper legal steps for protection.

      3) Heath was told he would need to put in writing that he was willing to either sign a license agreement or make Paleo Wraps in the US as he offered more than once. Since he did not respond on time as he promised and after my research of his company, we are no longer willing to consider offering Julian Bakery a license agreement given their unethical practices.

      4) Just because Heath could not find evidence of a patent not published is no surprise. I could not find our patent that has not been published and our patent attorney said this is part of the protection. Once a patent is published we will have legal protection because it is in the public domain. If they filed a pending patent it was filed after our pending patent and they may be surprised to learn there are claims with or without using salt. Also since coconut wraps have been in the market in the US for some time they will have a hard time receiving protection of a recently filed patent in the US. Furthermore, there is prior art for our pending patent that will be exact or almost as exact as the Paleo Wraps and therefore not patent-able for them. See the following link under # 3 and #4 for more information about this: http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2012/02/10/the-law-of-recipes-are-recipes-patentable/id=22223/

      5) He has not mentioned the NewGem Foods published patent and receiving a letter from them believing Julian Bakery may have violated it. If they respect intellectual property rights they would take NewGem Foods/USDA and our pending patent seriously.

      Deborah, I believe you have other facts about Julian Bakery already covered. We are in this to serve for the long term and hopefully the public respects our principles.


      Todd A. Fitts, CFA (800) PURE-516 ext. 2
      6760 Jimmy Carter Boulevard Suite 110 Peachtree Corners, GA 30071 http://improveat.com

  • Heath Squier


    You don’t have a pending or final patent on the wraps so we are not in violation. You failed to provide any evidence of any pending or final patent. I didn’t comment on NewGem as our product does not violate their patent. NewGem product is very different and our patent attorney has reviewed their claim and responded accordingly. Stop trying to mislead people.

    Thank You,

    Heath Squier
    Julian Bakery, Inc.

    • Deborah Krueger

      You are talking to me, Deborah-not Todd Fitts. I think since I have allowed you make three posts on this site you should at least reciprocate and allow the three posts I attempted to make on you site available for all to see.

    • Questions for Heath Squier of Julian Bakery regarding “his” Paleo coconut wraps and his allegations

      I believe it is critical that companies and especially those providing for our needs in the form of food can be trusted. It is well known by many that some companies have not properly labeled food, not disclosed all ingredients or have made dishonest claims about their food in order to protect profits at almost any cost. Please know Improv’eat was founded as a profession to serve instead of a business just wanting to sell for the highest profit possible. I am not against profit but it must be accomplished by providing in a legal and ethical way honest, wholesome, properly labeled life enhancing food that does not harm people. There have been times Improv’eat could have caved to greed or fear when tempted and tested but my belief is that is how small problems become big problems. Our marketing is accomplished through our service, credibility and word-of-mouth by offering a high standard of life enhancing food. We do not pay or provide other types of benefits to people to say good things about Improv’eat or endorse The Pure Wraps to give the public the perception of an independent opinion. This keeps our costs low which benefits those who really are in need of life enhancing food and makes us rely upon our service and credibility. Furthermore, we are a trust yet verify type of company and therefore we would be hypocritical if we did not expect this verification from the public. Therefore, I ask that the public trusts what I say here is true and accurate but understand your right to verify and confirm if it is true.

      Heath Squier of Julian Bakery has now stated that “You (Improv’eat and/or Todd Fitts) don’t have a pending or final patent on the wraps so we (Julian Bakery) are not in violation.” Please know this is a false statement and once the patent is published we can prove it for the public to verify. If we were to show Heath Squier of Julian Bakery our pending patent he could do further damage to Improv’eat with that detailed information. To learn more about pending patents and Heath’s deception regarding them please visit this 1 page http://www.patentechnologies.com/images/Patent_Pending_LM_Website.pdf. However, we will need to provide proof of the patent once published to the company Heath Squier has manufacturing a near duplicate of our coconut wraps called The Pure Wraps. You can check prior You Tube videos from Paleo Wraps/Julian Bakery where they were promoting coconut wraps which are exact or nearly exact to The Pure Wraps having the same ingredients and the same size. The Paleo Wrap website now even claims they were created by Paleo Inc. which is misleading people when it is more accurate to say they duplicated The Pure Wraps almost exactly after being told by me (Todd Fitts Founder and President of Improve’eat) on December 3, 2012 that there is a pending patent. Afterwards, Heath still asked to be a retailer for The Pure Wraps without his brand name. He provided us his resale certificate to begin the process after being fully aware of our pending patent.

      In late June 2013, I called Heath to once again inform him of our pending patent. He began to deny and then tried to deceive me by saying he would make his product in the US or license from us and wanted to see our pending patent. I told Heath I would be in touch after receiving legal advice. After receiving advice about our pending patent I was advised to only notify his manufacturer in the Philippines of the violation once the patent is published. Since Julian Bakery does not manufacture his own coconut wraps, there is no reason to show the details of our patent to him especially prior to it being published. Once a patent is published then a cease and desist order can be sent to his manufacturer. Therefore, I called Heath the last week of June 2013 and he once again said he would either license The Pure Wraps from me or make his product in the US. Not wanting to be made a fool again by his verbal promises, I told him he must put it in writing given my past experience with him in conjunction with his reputation. He never put this in writing during the timeline promised and at that point I realized he was not sincere and was not willing to back up his verbal promises. This answers his question as to why I will not show the pending patent for coconut wraps to Heath and that is because I do not trust him and have verified his reputation as being untrustworthy.

      Below are 10 questions for Heath. If he does not answer them it is because they would catch him in his web of lies. If he answers them in any dishonest way, I have written evidence to prove some of his statements are false or deceiving. Hopefully our credibility is helpful to those from the outside making their own judgment calls. He must stop with his deception and outright lies and I must remain hopeful Heath will realize there is a better way, which may provide peace for him in the long term. It will be good for him, his company and those who may consume the food he offers.

      Questions for Heath:

      1)Did you ask to private label The Pure Wraps in December of 2012?
      2)After you were told The Pure Wraps had a pending patent and private labeling was not offered at that time, did you ask to become a retailer by providing your resale certificate to Improv’eat?
      3)Who owns Paleo Inc. and what do they mean when they say Paleo Inc created Paleo Wraps?
      4)Did the early version of “your” Paleo Wraps have the exact ingredients as The Pure Wraps which included Himalayan Salt and are a similar size (proportions can vary of course and sizes will never be exact)?
      5)Did you, Julian Bakery or a representative of Julian Bakery or Paleo Inc. ever contact a retailer of The Pure Wraps and write in essence Improv’eat was looking to buy Paleo Wraps from Julian Bakery so the retailer of The Pure Wraps might as well buy Paleo Wraps from Julian Bakery? Isn’t that misleading and deceptive since it is not true?
      6)Are you 100% sure a pending patent can be searched and found? Published patents can be found but do pending patents have the necessary protection of not being in the public domain during their review? If yes, how can you then expect to find a pending patent or think it is appropriate to receive proof of it and its details for your review?
      7)Just because you responded to NewGem Foods does that mean you are not legally in violation of their published patent?
      8)Why should we believe you are now not misleading, deceiving or lying to us as you have in the past?
      9)Have you ever taken down any negative comments from your Julian Bakery or Pale Wrap Facebook pages?
      10)Has anybody in the last 2 years received any benefit (direct or indirect) whether it be in the form of cash or not from you or your company to say good things about you, Julian Bakery or Paleo Wraps?

      It will speak volumes if you ignore these questions that you undoubtedly will view.


      Todd Fitts
      Founder and President

  • Heath Squier


    I wanted to additionally set some facts straight:

    1. A pending patent application does not create any enforceable right. Thus, assuming Todd has a pending patent application in the Philippines, it does not grant him any right to claim that he has a monopoly to produce and sell wraps. Todd cannot prevent any person from making or selling coconut wraps despite a supposed patent application. Even the publication of his supposed patent application does not give rise to any legal right. Only an issued patent can be enforced and protected.

    2. Todd says that he is not obliged to legally inform Julian Bakery of the existing patent application. If this is the case, then why take all this trouble trying to malign Julian Bakery on his Facebook posts and this blog site. Otherwise, he should back up his claims that he himself presented to Julian Bakery.

    3. Why does Todd have to wait for the publication of his patent application to have his legal counsel send a cease and desist order. Throughout this time, he has claimed that his right is based on his alleged patent application. Now he claims that he has to wait for its publication before he can stop the manufacture of Paleo Wraps. It is obvious that he is just making excuses because no right can be enforced unless a patent is issued.

    4. Assuming a patent will issue, much like the situation of New Gem, Todd must be able to substantiate that there is an infringement of his claims.