Falsely Labeled Low Carb Internet Food Scams-The FDA, FTC, USDA Our US Government-The Monstrous Food Manufacturing Machines

CapitolThe problem with our US food system: the public, the government, the food manufacturers, and now low carb internet sellers are not on an even playing field and the food consumer is at the bottom of the heap.  People, who do not or can not cook from scratch, are at a distinct disadvantage in that they need to rely heavily on packaged food nutritional facts labels.  Certainly we all read these labels but what is one to do when a company is blatantly falsifying their labels?  This site is an unearthing of the sleezy, slimey, underbelly of the low carb internet website world.

For the second time Whole Foods Market has been caught selling falsely labeled products after notification but this time, it is one of their own brands.  Whole Foods knowingly sold its store brand 365 Plain Yogurt which contains a sugar content nearly six times the amount stated on the product’s nutritional label and there have been lawsuits filed in several states. “Whole Foods has it produced, advertises it & makes the label.”  I personally believe it is time for Whole Foods to stop poisoning diabetics.  First they sold Julian Bakery‘s falsely labeled low carb products and now their own private label products.  Where does it stop?

Julian BakeryJulian Bakery the company I started this falsely labeled low carb journey with, was patently lying. They were using ingredients like Teff, Kamut, Amaranth, Quinoa, Spelt, and Brown Rice Flour which are all very intensely heavy in carbohydrates.  Someone who might consider themselves relatively knowledgeable could end up in the dark with the use of these ingredients in a bread product.  After all, didn’t the label state 1g net carbs?  Why wouldn’t you believe the label?  Well people did-by the hundreds of thousands and didn’t seem to either understand and/or care what was in the products.  Most people liked it and purporting to have 1g net carbs, 12g protein and 109 calories they were breads for everybody and everything. These breads were everywhere.  Hundreds of health food stores across the country were carrying them and the giant of supposed health food grocery stores, Whole Foods Market, was (is) carrying them.  A pretty ringing endorsement if ever there was one.  The only problem:  I came along, looked at the ingredients, glucose tested it on myself, and realized there was something drastically wrong.  My blood sugar shot from a fasting 106 peaking at 249 and to this day is the highest reading I have ever recorded.  I took the bread to be tested and the rest is history.  I have displayed my personal testing on the appropriate pages and the rest on the other personal glucose tested products page.

I am going to outline these falsely labeled products as I see them and specifically name the people who are selling these poisons to you.  Some of you may well recognize the larger internet players and some of you may have ordered these same products from them.

Honestly Labeled FoodsIt is high time that someone, anyone, start bringing all of these Low Carb Scam Artists, companies, and falsely labeled products being sold to the low carb community, and especially to diabetics, into the light of day.  When it comes to small companies who falsely label their products, the FDA and FTC are mostly in over their heads.  The FDA and The Center For Science In The Public Interest (Cspinet) are so busy trying to grab headlines, fighting with each other, going after the larger higher profile companies and making bigger names for themselves, that the smaller companies are flying below their radar screens.  As more and more smaller companies realize they can get away with false labeling they are joining their dishonest colleagues.

There are many people who have voiced questions and concerns on blogs and forums regarding certain low carb products and mostly they have only been discussed.  We are going to go one step further.  Not only will I shed light on the products themselves, I am going to shed light on the internet website purveyors who are knowingly selling these products and yes, they do know, because I have told them multiple times.

ExovaI have had many of these products tested through Exova Food Laboratory here in Portland, OR.  As we know people are capable of lying, lab results do not.  I also have carefully documented my own blood glucose levels, testing many of the suspected products.  Most have been very bad and yes, a couple of times I have been very pleasantly surprised.

Do we really want to support the internet businesses that have been and continue to sell us falsely labeled products in the name of money at the expense of our health?

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust But Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

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  • ZellZ

    Aren’t there people on low carb diets who Do eat whole grains? Their diets are not extremely low carb or ketogenic, but still relatively low carb (especially compared to the way most people eat). These people might well benefit from breads that have high fiber, even if the carb content is also high. Surely, these breads are going to be more wholesome than white bread? I think it’s an individual thing. I do also think that relying on the false claims of “low carb” this or that, can be dangerous – but still, even this kind of bread, purported to be low carb, is not so bad once in a while? People eat Atkins bars & they are not particularly low carb, despite claims to the contrary. Is a piece of high fiber, whole grain bread better or worse than an Atkins bar, w/all the crap in it? Is corn on the cob bad or is it better than processed hot dogs? Is diet soda bad, or is it better than a milk shake (made with all natural ingredients)? Is corn fed meat bad, or is it ok, especially compared to lasagna (even if the lasagna is made with all natural, whole ingredients)??? I guess we all have to make our compromises. I have some whole grain bread in my freezer. I don’t know when I will have it again – I had 2 slices about 3 weeks ago. It was delicious. It’s called “Food For Life” and doesn’t make any claim (that I know of) about being low carb. Every so often I like to have some. If it keeps me away from Twinkies, is it really that bad? Here is the bread I have, w/the ingredients listed:
    How bad is this for me? How good is this for me? If it keeps me away from cake & twinkies, maybe it’s not so bad….especially if i only have it every so often. I don’t crave it like I do w/sweets.

    • We decided to go 99.999% grain-free (we occasionally drink gin) and haven’t looked back. We make toastable bread using flax seeds, and it works well enough for panini.

      Only you know what you should do, but you’ll learn a lot by deciding to go grain-free for two weeks or so. You might find, like we did, that you ate grains out of habit, not because you particularly wanted them.

  • I hope to see fraud and endangerment charges against these brands at some point. It’s not OK to mislabel the carb count of foods. There can be real health consequences to this… So thanks for this! I’m glad you’re exposing the fraud…


  • Julian Bakery

    This website is displaying old information about our company. All our products have been changed (Almost a year ago) and are now lab tested. We display these results on our site.

    Check out this recent article author and EX-FDA agent wrote on our bakery and the changes we have made. It is truly sad the Deborah continues to post misleading negative information despite knowing that our products are lab verified and tested. She continues to focus on the old information instead of the new information.

    Check out this article here about how we actually thanked Deborah and Jimmy Moore for bringing to our attention ( 1 year ago) that some of our products were wrong. We thank them for giving us a new format in which to launch all the products we now make: http://www.garyshealthtips.com/julian-bakery-defends-its-smart-carb-bread-and-paleo-products-an-investigative-interview-with-gary-the-primal-guy/

    • It is truly sad that you sold low-carb products that weren’t even remotely low-carb until somebody exposed your products for what they were. I’m afraid that you lost all right to sanctimony when you defrauded your target market.

      If you’re now longer fooling people, then I applaud you for that, but don’t expect us to pat you on the back for doing what you should have been doing from the beginning.